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Summer 2015 Face-to-Face
The July FTF will be held the weekend of July 17-19 in Newark, New Jersey! Good luck, everyone!
Tournament Announcement
Turn-by-Turn Results

Spring 2015 Mail-In!
The Spring Tournament was held the weekend of April 4. Congratulations to the victors!
Tournament Announcement

Winter 2015 Face-to-Face!
We held our Winter FTF on Martin Luther King weekend again, January 16-18, 2015, at our favorite Embassy Suites in Tempe, Arizona.
Tournament Announcement
Turn-by-Turn Results

Older Tournament Results:

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Stuff Happening All over Ghea!
Managers find that arena newsletters contain all sorts of interesting and useful information. Amazing! See for yourself... (Continued D14)

New no-tourney arena!
Seam (DM 20) will be re-opening soon as a no-tourney DM arena! If you enjoy arena play with no tournament participation, this arena is for you! All managers in this arena must sign the "no- tourney" pledge to compete in this arena, and only rookie teams may move here. Turn 0 will be due on May 4 (overviews only) and Turn 1 will be due on May 18. Join in the fun!

Upcoming Conventions:
OrcCon (Los Angeles, President's day weekend, mid-February)

Duel2, formerly known as Duelmasters!
Effective May 1, 2004, the name of our game is officially changed to Duel2! (Sorry for the confusion!) (Continued A2)

Strategy Sheets
Do you need a regular DM strategy sheet? Or a strategy sheet for the next Face-to-Face? How about a sheet for a regular Mail-In Tourney, or one for a Dead Tourney? Your search is over!

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