In many games (especially PBM games) a lot of diplomacy between players is required to meet the game's objectives successfully. Typically this player- to-player diplomacy is carried on by mail and telephone in between game turns: alliances brewing, plots hatching, plans for mutual co-operation agreed to (and later broken) etc. While all this can be a great deal of fun, it is not what all players are looking for in a game. A player who does not wish to get involved in player diplomacy may be at a disadvantage in games of this type. Hyborian War is designed with all essential diplomatic functions built into the game. If you do not wish to, there is absolutely no reason why you should ever have to personally contact another player in your game. Your characters can do your diplomacy for you and you'll never have to set pen to paper. Not to exclude those players who do enjoy meeting new friends and worthy opponents by playing games of this type (who was it that said a good enemy is worth as much as a good friend?), we have provided an avenue whereby you can make contact with other players in your game who also enjoy player interaction.

For all Hyborian War games we have the following policy regarding player interaction and diplomacy: Each turn of the game you may request the name and address of up to two players in your game. You make this request by filling in the name of the kingdom(s) whose player/rulers you would like to contact in the space provided on the bottom of your command sheet. On your first turn's command sheet, You will also see a box labeled PRIVACY. If you do not wish to interact with other players in your game, you may check the Privacy Option box and no requests for your address from other players in the game will be processed. Diplomacy, however, is a two-way street. Those players requesting the Privacy option may not themselves request other addresses. Reality Simulations, Inc. will not forward diplomatic messages from one player to another. If you desire diplomacy outside the structure of the game, that will be your own responsibility. Example:

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