Nov 21, 2005 edition

  1. Any army (with the exception of your capital provincial army) may generally hold only thirty troops. A commanding general with Superior military command may be able to fit a few more troops in.

  2. To invade a coastal province with an imperial navy, declare an intent to invade. An imperial navy, like an imperial army, must have at least 8 troops to invade any coastal province. Imperial navies and imperial armies can fight together in one invasion. The large island of Sinhalese is considered a coastal province; all the other smaller islands are seazone provinces.

  3. Imperial armies on defensive status will not respond to an invasion all of the time, even if it is in the province where they are stationed, because they may not hear about the impending invasion in time to mobilize. The chance that a defensive army will respond decreases the farther they are from the province being invaded.

  4. If you assign characters and/or newly raised troops to a provincial army on the same turn that you assign that provincial army to join in on an invasion, those characters and troops will stay in that provincial army to help protect the province.

  5. When the Ice Age comes, the Barbarian nations (Cimmeria, Asgard, Vanaheim, Pictland) will be forced to migrate southwards by the advancing glaciers. In game terms, this means that each Barbarian nation will be assigned a large kingdom, which becomes an additional victory condition. Because of their desperation to find a new home, their armies move at double speed through any province, and they cannot be affected by peace treaties. They can, however, be affected by Disrupt Warpact.

  6. On the final turn, you will receive a victory point ranking of all 36 player nations. The victory points you accumulate over the course of the game count for half of your final total; the other half is determined by your rank on the final turn.

  7. The Exile declaration is now available. You must be down to only one province to declare exile. You still cannot take the last province of an actively played player kingdom.

  8. To hold a prisoner without ransom, check "No Ransom." If you leave the ransom line blank, it will default to "Adequate."

  9. Peace treaties never affect seazones.

  10. Imperial armies may not change status when engaged in battle.

  11. You may not kidnap, assassinate, or dispell magic on turn 1.

  12. Peace treaties expire at the close of a time of war, right before the peace years begin. Since Turn 1 is a peace years, this means that all peace treaties shown in your setup reports will not expire until the start of the second peace years.

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