What follows is a step-by-step example of an invasion. It details the order in which certain actions should occur while also outlining some basic strategy.

Turn 1 - Hyrkania decides to invade Rhamdan. Hyrkania orders:

Command:        IA-1 M)ove (P)rovince (50)
Command:        HYRK-3  S)py (209) (M)ilitary
Declare:        I)ntent to (I)nvade (209)
Declare:        10) (T)roops of type (1) (R)aised

Hyrkania knows what the terrain is like in Rhamdan from the map provided with the Kingdom Set-up. Hyrkania therefore decides not to send another spy in order to "Spy Province Terrain." Hyrkania decides not to assign any characters to IA-1 this turn as they can just as well be assigned next turn. Characters assigned to IA-1 would only be useful if an enemy invaded the Hyrkanian Heartland this turn. Since Hyrkania judges an invasion of province 50 to be unlikely, the characters can be put to better use on other assignments. Note that the "Move Army" command was to province #50 (Hyrkanian controlled and adjacent to the province to be invaded), NOT to Province #209. The "Move Army" command can only move an army within provinces which the issuing kingdom controls.

Turn 2 - Based on a spy report of Rhamdan, Hyrkania decides to assign 3 of the troops raised last turn to IA-1. Hyrkania also decides to include the provincial armies of the Hyrkanian Heartland and Theggir in the invasion. So that these two provinces are not left undefended, Hyrkania assigns the remaining 7 troops that were raised last turn, 3 to the Hyrkanian Heartland and 4 to Theggir. These troops will become the new PA-50 and PA-53. Hyrkania orders:

Command:        HYRK-6 J)oin (IA-1)
Command:        HYRK-2 J)oin (IA-1)
Command:        HYRK-4 J)oin (IA-1)
Declare:        F)orce (M)arch (S)pell for (HYRK-2)

On the strategic movement form for the invasion of Rhamdan, Hyrkania assigns HYRK-6 to be the invasion commander; assigns IA-1, PA-50, and PA-53 to the invasion; sets the battle type at commander's discretion; and selects a preferred terrain of steppe (ST). As HYRK-2 has the Force March spell, Hyrkania has ordered him to prepare it on the same turn that HYRK-2 has been assigned to IA-1. HYRK-2 will use the spell as the army maneuvers into Rhamdan. HYRK-4 is a hero whom Hyrkania thinks will be an asset in the upcoming battle.

Turn 3 - Based on the Battle Intelligence Summary received with this turn, Hyrkania fills out the battle form for a set piece battle against the defenders of Rhamdan. Hyrkania assigns his troops and characters to positions in the battle lines. As Hyrkania feels quite confident of victory in the battle, he lays plans to continue the campaign by making preparations for an invasion of the adjacent Hyrkanian Free City States. This is a risky move which may cost Hyrkania if the battle at Rhamdan is lost. Hyrkania orders:

Command:        HYRK-3 S)py (208) (M)ilitary
Declare:        I)ntent to (I)nvade (208)
Declare:        10) (T)roops of type (2) (R)aised

If all goes as planned Rhamdan will fall this turn--and next turn IA-1 can immediately be ordered to invade 208. Hyrkania has raised more troops to replace losses at the battle and also to assign as a new provincial army in Rhamdan. As always, Hyrkania is spying ahead so as to appraise the strength of enemy forces.

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