Imperial navies may move freely into and through friendly coastland provinces i.e those controlled by their kingdom or those controlled by a formal ally. They may move freely through any seazone, both friendly and unfriendly. Movement into an unfriendly seazone is treated as an invasion. After entering the unfriendly seazone, an imperial navy will immediately halt its movement and engage all seazone defenders in an open field battle on the same turn. You will NOT need an intent to invade a seazone. It IS necessary for naval forces to declare an intent to invade prior to invading a non-friendly coastland province. It is also necessary for an imperial navy to begin the turn adjacent to a coastland province prior to entering and invading it. In all respects naval invasions of coastland provinces are conducted in exactly the same manner as are land invasions.

An imperial navy may combine with friendly imperial armies for an invasion. However, an imperial navy cannot combine with a provincial army. This ruling reflects the lesser development of naval forces during the Hyborian Era. When engaged in a land battle, each naval troop's compliment of warriors will automatically disembark from their transports to engage enemy forces on land. Naval troops in a land battle fight as light infantry or light infantry archers. Battles between land and naval forces are conducted in precisely the same manner as battles between purely land troops. There is nothing to restrict an imperial navy from remaining in a coastland province which it has recently invaded and captured. This measure is, in fact, the only means of defending such provinces until and unless a friendly land connection exists whereby land troops can be assigned to the province.

Seazone navies may combine with an imperial navy for the purpose of invading a coastal province. Seazone navies may NOT combine with imperial armies. Naval forces may not under any circumstances enter or move through purely land provinces. Naval troops on defensive status will respond to invasions upon coastland provinces within response range.

Each naval troop represents a single war vessel along with a contingent of lesser transport vessels. Each troop contains a full compliment of sailors and warriors aboard transport (the Hyborian equivalent of marines). As a full compliment of warriors is already attached to each naval troop, naval troops may not under any circumstances transport land troops.

Both seazone navies and imperial navies may raid adjacent provinces and seazones. To do this they must first declare an intent to raid and are under the same rules and restrictions which apply to raiding land armies.

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