This chart is given for your convenience. It shows the single letter codes for all orders in the game. You may use either these codes or the word commands listed throughout the rules. Each single letter code is written in a separate space of an order line. (cid) = Character Identification number; (aid) = Army Identification number; (xyz) = Province map number; (kac) = Kingdom Abbreviation code; (tt#) = Troop Type number; (ntu) = a number of troop units; (gl) = Gift Level (P,A,G,E & S).

Active Rule A R Asn. Prov. Rule (cid) R P (xyz)
Adventure A Asn. Monarch (cid) M
AssassinatE P (xyz) A (cid) Black Death B D S (cid)
Assign to Army J (aid) Change Army Status C S (aid)
Avoid Influence A I (kac) Conscript Troops C T (xyz)
Bless B (xyz) Detach Troops (ntu)(tt#) D (aid)
Break Alliance B A (kac) (kac) Disband Mercs. (tt#) D (aid)
Counterspy (King.) C K Exile E
Counterspy (Prov.) C P (xyz) Far Sight F S S (cid)
Counterspy (Court) C C Force March F M S (cid)
Curse C (xyz) Raise Troop (ntu) T (tt#) R
Diplomacy C D (cid) Gift (gl) G (kac)
Dispel Magic P (xyz) D (cid) Intent to Raid I R (xyz)
Disrupt Warpact D W Intent to Invade I I (xyz)
Far Sight F S (xyz) Intent to Ally I A (kac)
Foment Unrest F U (xyz) Intent, Break Alli. I B A (kac)
Kidnap P (xyz) K (cid) Move Char. (cid) M P (xyz)
Long Life C L L (cid) Pay Tribute (Half) H T (kac)
Move Army M P (xyz) Pay Tribute (Full) F T (kac)
Negotiate Peace N P (kac) Pay Ransom (gl) R (cid)
Prophecy (World) P W Rains R S (cid)
Prophecy (Kingdom) P K (kac) Sunbane S S (cid)
Protection P P (xyz) Ambush A (xyz)
Rains (prov.) C R (xyz) No Ambush N A (xyz)
Reincarnation C R (cid) Hidden Movement H M (xyz)
Rescue P (xyz) R (cid) No Hidden Movement N H M (xyz)
Spying (World) W S Decline Battle D B (xyz)
Spying (King. Tres.) S K T (kac) No Decline Battle N D B (xyz)
Spying (King. Milt.) S K M (kac) Preferred Terrain T (terrain code) (xyz)
Spying (Prov. Terr.) S (xyz) T Commander's Discretion C D (xyz)
Spying (Prov. Milt.) S (xyz) M Open Field O F (xyz)
Spying (Court) S C (kac) Set Piece S P (xyz)
Sunbane (prov.) C S (xyz)

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