Q. What is a Play-By-Mail game?

A. If this is your first Play-By-Mail (PBM) game, you are in for a real treat! PBM games are very large multi-player games which allow many people from all over the country to play in the same game at once. PBM games are interactive so that the final outcome of each player's actions will depend in part (as in real life) on the decisions and actions of other players in the same game. All player actions take place simultaneously and everyone playing in the same game takes their turn at the same time. Here's how it works. A PBM game is divided into turns two to three weeks apart. Each turn has a due date or deadline on which the turn will be run. By examining the results of the last gameturn (or the first turn set-up report), each player decides what actions they wish to perform in the game on that turn. These decisions are written down on to a standard form called the turnsheet and mailed in time to reach the PBM company (us!) by the due date. On the due date, the actions or turn orders of every player who has sent in a turnsheet are processed. Final results are determined and a turn report is mailed back to each player along with a due date for the next turn. That's all the essentials of Play-By-Mail gaming. The game, the opponents, and the challenges are provided. The results are up to you!

Q. Do I need to know anything about computers to play?

A. No. Much of what makes Hyborian War unlike any other game is accomplished with the aid of computers. We use computers to impartially determine game results and to remember the millions of things that we need to remember in order to properly oversee the world of Hyboria. That's our job. The fun of playing is left up to you. You do not have to own, understand, or even like computers to have a great time playing Hyborian War!

Q. How much time is there in between turns?

A. Normal games of Hyborian War have a turn-around time of 16 days from one turn to the next. Subtracting mailing time each way, you should always have at least a week to decide on your next move. Canadian players and players from foreign countries are automatically placed in a "slow" game with a 28 day turn-around time. If you live in the USA but you think you might have trouble making the due dates in a normal game, you may request to be in a "slow" game by checking the box marked "Slow Game" on your set-up sheet.

Q. Can I play in the same game of Hyborian War with one of my friends?

A. Yes. You and up to three friends may play in the same game of Hyborian War. You and your friends must request kingdoms in different parts of the Hyborian world -- your kingdoms must be at least three kingdoms away and at least three provinces away. (For example, Corinthia and Cimmeria would be an acceptable pair, but Koth and Aquilonia, Koth and Zingara, and Iranistan and Keshan would not be acceptable.) You will each need to indicate at least six kingdom choices; if you don't, you may face extremely long delays in being placed in a game. Fill out your set-up sheets and write on the top "Friends Game" along with the names of all of you and indicating that you want to be placed together in the same game. We'll place you in a game with other groups of friends.

Q. What is the RSI policy on standby positions?

A. Any player who wishes to may request to be placed in a game of Hyborian War as a standby. Standby positions are positions in games that have already been running for several turns. Standby players are given a complete list of addresses for all players in the game who have not requested privacy. Players requesting a standby position may either stipulate exactly which kingdom they wish to receive, or they may stipulate exactly which game number they wish to be placed in. In the latter case, however, the player may only stipulate the size of the kingdom they are willing to accept. A standby player may not specify both game number and kingdom; only one of the two options may be selected. All kingdoms which are given to standby players are guaranteed to be in good condition. Standby positions are excellent for players who want to get into a game that a friend has started in previously. Standby positions are also an excellent value as each position is charged at a 10% discount and there is never a set-up charge for such positions. Standby players will be charged for the first turn they receive.

Q. How is payment of turn fees handled?

A. If you are a first time customer of RSI, you will need to open an account with us sometime prior to playing your first turn. You are asked to open your account with at least sufficient funds for one turn's play. You will be given a personal account number automatically, for use with any RSI game or product, when we receive your first deposit. You will also receive an updated statement of your current balance each time that you use your account. Turn fees are payable in advance of each turn. Your account balance is refundable in full immediately upon your request.

Q. What happens when I send in my set-up sheet?

A. We will assign you a kingdom and mail you all of the rules, including a kingdom report with special information about your kingdom. You will not be placed in a game of Hyborian War until you have read all the rules and have sent in your first turn sheet. Once we have received your first turn sheet, we will assign you a game number which will appear at the top of your first turn results.

Q. Help! I can't decide what size Kingdom I should pick.

A. When in doubt, choose a medium sized Kingdom. You'll get all the fun and action you could ever want. Even if this is your first PBM game, getting involved will be easy. For fastest setup, list at least six Kingdom choices.

Q. How does Conan appear in Hyborian War?

A. Conan appears in Hyborian War as a wandering hero. He is active each turn in some part of the Hyborian world. If Conan appears in your Kingdom, do not foolishly tempt fate by opposing him. Hire Conan if you can but be wary! Conan dreams of one day taking a Kingdom for his own.

If this question and answer sheet has not answered all of your questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them!

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