In everyday reality, the factors influencing the outcome of any particular event are numerous and sometimes unpredictable. The same can be said for Hyborian War. This rulebook contains all the orders possible in Hyborian War: it does not and cannot provide examples of the hundreds of possible outcomes of these orders. We hope the single following example will provide a helpful guide for thought as each player contemplates the potential influences and consequences of his or her actions in the game. As our illustration let us examine the affects of loss acceptance level on troop morale and retreat capability.

  • An army which is ordered to retreat after light losses will suffer a reduction in morale. The warriors know that their commanders do not expect victory. At the same time, each troop's ability to retreat from the battlefield is increased. The troops are prepared in advance to make such a retreat. If during the strategic movement phase the army had attempted to decline battle, the effective ability of each troop to retreat would be even greater. After all, the army has already spent months attempting to minimize contact with the enemy. The sum affect of a light loss acceptance level is to greatly reduce an army's losses at the expense of battle effectiveness.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, an army which is ordered to accept total losses will receive an improvement to morale. The warriors know that the upcoming battle will be fought to the death. Each troop's ability to retreat will be significantly reduced. The army is "committed" and, should the battle weigh against them, few troops will be able to extricate themselves. The sum effect of a total loss acceptance level is to increase battle effectiveness at the risk of losing most or all of the army if defeated.
  • Loss acceptance may affect the morale of opposing troops. An enemy force prepared to stand to the last man can be a sobering sight. Conversely, a force prepared to retreat may seem easy prey.
  • Loss acceptance levels in between light and total have the same effect but to a lesser degree.
  • This listing has detailed only the effect of loss acceptance on morale and retreat capability. The presence of characters at the battle, terrain, troop type, success or failure in previous battles, magic, as well as other less significant factors, may all play a part in determining a particular troops' morale and retreat capability.
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