A critical factor in determining the outcome of any battle is the terrain on which the battle is fought. Invasion forces and troops participating in the defense of a province will always attempt to maneuver to preferred terrain before engaging in battle. This means whatever type of terrain you consider the type and numbers of your troops to be well suited to (see Troop/Terrain chart). The capability of an army to successfully maneuver to preferred terrain is influenced by the relative ability of its commander, the scarcity or predominance of the terrain being sought, the use of strategems, magic, and a number of other factors.

Terrain affects the fighting ability of individual troops and determines the configuration of the battle formations which opposing armies will be able to use on the battle field. A wide variety of different terrains exist in the Hyborian World. For a complete listing of all terrains and their abbreviation codes see Terrain Types chart.

It is not possible within the context of the game to either build or destroy fortifications within provinces. Existing fortifications within provinces are captured whenever the province itself is captured. All major fortifications which existed at some point in the Hyborian Age have been included into the game.

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