Each turn you will receive a summary of the balance in your royal treasury. Wealth produced in provinces under your control as well as wealth obtained by other means, such as raiding and trade will automatically be added to your balance each turn. Likewise, all expenses incurred while maintaining armies and commanding various actions will automatically be subtracted. The assets in your treasury are rated according to the Standard Scale. This rating is defined by comparison to the average wealth for a kingdom of similar size.

  • SUPERIOR - contains more than 160% of the amount of wealth average for your kingdom's size.
  • EXCELLENT - wealth equalling between 121% and 160% of the average.
  • GOOD - wealth between 81% and 120% of the kingdom's average.
  • ADEQUATE - wealth between 41% and 80% of the average.
  • POOR - wealth between 1% and 40% of the treasury's average capacity.
  • NONE - no wealth; potential for being in debt.

As an aid to rulers in overseeing the economic destiny of their kingdoms we have added two economic breakdown graphs to the "Affairs of State" section of each Kingdom Report. The first graph displays the current treasury level as of the end of the current turn versus the treasury level as of the end of the previous turn. This graph is to give players a handle on the proportional change of their treasury over the course of the most recent turn. The second graph displays the revenues versus expenses of your kingdom over the course of the previous turn. This graph, in combination with the itemized listings of revenues and expenses below the display, is intended to provide players with an accounting for the proportional change in their treasury as displayed by the treasury graph. The treasury graph and the revenue vs. expense graph are displayed in different units from one another, so a small drop in treasury will show up as a large column of expenses.

When interpreting these graphs it is important to keep in mind that during war seasons your kingdom expenses will always be much greater than your revenues. Provinces provide no revenue except tax during winter, summer, and spring war seasons. During fall war seasons each province also provides the kingdom with a harvest. Even during fall war seasons, however, kingdom expenses will usually far outstrip revenues. Peace Years are the real time of treasury replenishment.

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