There are six main areas of action in which each kingdom may strive to attain its imperial ambition. These areas are Diplomacy, Rulership, Warfare, Heroics, Intrigue, and Magic. All actions which can be performed in these areas are carried out at your command by the characters and forces under your control. You can order them to attempt a great many things within these general areas, ranging from overt and fairly harmless actions such as peace treaty negotiations with a neighboring kingdom to very underhanded and malicious actions such as attempting to assassinate another kingdom's most important wizard. Because of the great number of the actions that you may attempt, each is discussed separately. You will also be given an example of the specific order you will use to command any of your resources to perform a given action.

Diplomacy - Diplomatic character actions focus on the relationship between different kingdoms. A primary example of a diplomatic action would be to order one of your characters to attempt to break up a formal alliance between two kingdoms who might possibly be planning to attack you. Much of what can be done in real world politics can be accomplished through a diplomatic character action.

Rulership - With this type of character action you will attempt to improve your kingdom by focusing internally on the good of your subjects and your provinces. A primary example would be to order one of your characters to do nothing other than actively rule one of your provinces, looking after the productivity of that province and the well-being of its people.

Warfare - In warfare, you will spend most of your time dealing with your armies. You will command them to see to the defense of your provinces, conduct raids, and carry out invasions.

Heroics - Heroic actions are the stuff of which the Conan Legend is made. The primary example of Heroics is a character who sets off to seek adventure in the Hyborian World. An adventuring character can become embroiled in almost any kind of situation, be it robbing a temple or fighting a sea monster.

Intrigue - Intrigue actions are those intended to subtly act against a foreign kingdom (quite possibly without them ever knowing your kingdom did anything). An example of an Intrigue action is to send one of your characters out to spread rumors and lies in a foreign province about their ruler in order to create political unrest and potential rebellion against the kingdom which controls the province.

Magic - There are twenty-seven spells of magic available to the users of arcane power in the Hyborian World. Characters with Magic Ability of at least POOR will have one or more spells which they are able to use. There are spells which affect every action in Hyborian War: Combat Magic, Strategic Magic, Battle Magic, province Magic, Life Magic, Information Magic, Diplomacy Magic, and Anti-Magic.

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