Each kingdom starts the game with a certain number of provinces. To gain more provinces you must conquer them. Your armies may not pass through any province which you do not control, except in the case of those controlled by formal allies. Each province in your empire will fund your royal treasury through tax revenues based on the productivity of that province. Additional harvest revenue is collected in the fall of each warseason and during peace years. Province productivity varies based on a number of factors, which we leave to you to discover. Peace years turns are longer and more productive, providing more revenue. The productivity of a province over a given time is summarized on the Standard Rating Scale and reported to you with each Kingdom Report.

In addition to providing wealth, home provinces also levy troops for their provincial armies. The type and number of troops levied varies with each province. The number of troops is influenced by factors which we leave to your wisdom to discover and use to your benefit. Seazones that you control will bring in varying degrees of wealth, but do not provide troops. Newly conquered provinces do not levy troops for the kingdom which captures them. Levies only come from a kingdom's original provinces. However, conquered provinces are taxed at a higher rate to make up for their lack of levies. The only way for a kingdom to gain troop types in addition to those listed in the initial Kingdom Report is to become an imperial power, i.e achieve its imperial goals. Imperial status simulates the gain of new troop types as a result of conquest and expansion. Remember that the benefits gained from imperial status are lost as quickly as they are gained. If any of the conditions required for having imperial status are lost, imperial troops are immediately eliminated from play.

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