Spells of this type are extremely powerful and capable of protecting, improving, or shattering whole armies. Battle magic is only useable in set piece battles which result from invasions. You will not need to write a declaration or a command order to use battle magic. The list of battle magic spells available to your spellcasters at the scene of a battle will be printed out automatically next to each character's name. To order a particular spell to be cast you will simply check the box which appears next to the spell that you wish cast. Characters may cast a maximum of two spells in a battle and there are some limitations on the types of spells which a single spellcaster may cast in combination at the same battle. For a complete listing of all such limitations see the Spell Chart.

Earth Demon - The Earth Demon spell is a very potent and terrifying form of magic! With a word of command, the holder of this spell may summon the very power of the earth to do his bidding, causing the earth to shake, cliffs to topple onto the armies of his enemies and the walls of fortifications to come crashing to the ground in the space of a moment. The Earth Demon spell is only effective in mountain, hill, or fort terrain.

Fanaticism - The Fanaticism spell makes the spellcaster's army fight with increased bravery and heroism (improves morale). The Fanaticism spell is of great value to armies known for their lack of courage or discipline.

Fear - The Fear spell is used to make an enemy army uncertain and afraid (decreases morale). It can be of great value when cast upon troops known for their lack of courage or discipline.

Firewall - This spell causes a wall of flame to leap up in obedience to the will of the spell caster. A firewall can engulf and destroy entire ranks of charging soldiers in an instant!

Magic Blast - A character with this spell can call upon the very powers of the heavens to aid his cause in battle. This spell will call forth bolts of lightning to fall from the sky and blast enemy troops. Due to the need to target specific troops or leaders, the spell works best for wizards who have some degree of military command ability.

Magic Sleep - With this spell, a character can call upon a child from the chilling outer void (a being whose very touch can paralyze the body and numb the mind). If successful, the spellcaster may command this creature to touch the commander of an enemy army. The commander touched in this fashion will become paralyzed and useless for the duration of the battle.

Missile Shield - By using this spell, a character may cause most of the closing missile volleys from an enemy host to be misdirected and deflected.

Phantom Warriors - This spell summons to the world of men a creature or creatures of Great Power. Such creatures can take many forms, perhaps even appearing human, but each in its own way is a potent summoning. The strain upon a character to summon and control such creatures is great, and thus the spell may only be cast a limited number of times in a character's lifetime.

Summon the Dead - This spell allows the spellcaster to command the dead to rise from their graves and take up arms in battle. This spell will cause a variable number of undead troops to shamble forth and fight on the side of the spellcaster's army.

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