On the turn that a set piece invasion battle is to take place, you will receive a special battle orders section printed onto your command sheet. You will also receive a Battle Intelligence Summary for each battle which you will use to fill out the battle orders sheet.

After examining the Battle Intelligence Summary you will fill out the battle orders section as follows: Assign all your available forces from the FORCE POOL into the battle line boxes by writing each troop's force pool number (from the Battle Intelligence Summary) into each battle box. Assign all your available troops to the battle lines starting with the first rank until all the battle lines have been filled or you run out of troops. Never assign the same troop twice. If you have troops remaining after filling all six battle lines, then place the rest of your troops into the reserves (see Example Battle Orders).

Assign all your available characters from your force pool to positions in the battle lines. Place them with troop units by writing in the force pool number (listed on the Battle Intelligence Summary) of the troop you want each character assigned to next to the name of that character on the battle orders sheet. You may assign several characters to fight with the same troop if you wish. All characters must be placed with a troop. No character may be placed with a troop in the reserves.

If you have not yet assigned an army commander you may do so by writing in his personal force pool number in the space provided. (Just write it in over the dashes; they simply mean that no one is assigned as yet.) You may also assign characters to the various command positions (see Example Battle Orders). To do this you will write their force pool numbers in the space provided.

You must check one of the loss acceptance boxes to indicate the losses you will be willing to accept before withdrawal. You may also check those spells which you wish your characters with magic ability to cast, where they appear printed out next to the names of those characters (maximum two spells per character). You may order a special disengagement and advance by checking the box labled ALL (all troops in the front line switch with those troops in the second line) or by checking any of the other boxes next to it (those sections in the front battle line switch with the corresponding sections in the second line). Also check the timing of the maneuver, either CLOSING (when the two armies first close on each other) or HOUR 1 (after the first hour of battle). You cannot disengage and advance at both closing and hour 1. You need not check any of the boxes if you do not wish to order a special disengagement and advance.

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