Intent to Ally: This declaration announces the necessary preparations for your kingdom to become formally allied with another kingdom. Two kingdoms wishing to become formally allied must declare this order on the same turn, otherwise they will not become allied. The armies of formal allies may jointly occupy the same provinces without fighting each other and may travel freely through each others' provinces. Armies travelling through a province controlled by a formal ally are always partially disarmed and given an "honor guard," making them extremely vulnerable if the alliance is broken. Note that there are ways for outside kingdoms to break up alliances and so it is ALWAYS RISKY to have your forces in a formal ally's province. Formal alliances will last until deliberately broken; they do not expire as peace treaties do. You are allowed to declare one "Intent to Ally" per war season; three on a peace years turn. Example:

I DECLARE an (I)ntent to (A)lly with (Kingdom abrv)

Intent to Break Alliance: This order begins the actions necessary to break a formal alliance between you and another kingdom. For instance, when two armies of different countries receive news that an alliance has been broken, they are almost certain to become engaged in a fight. Fortunately (perhaps, perhaps not) the alliance will not be considered broken until the end of the turn so your forces will not attack, or be attacked by the forces of a former ally in the same province until the following turn. Example:

I DECLARE an (I)ntent to (B)reak (A)lliance with (Kingdom abrv)
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