The three most important things to remember when e-mailing your Hyborian War turns are to send them to , send them in Plain Text, and to include your authentication code.

What is an authentication code, why is it necessary, and, for that matter, where is the bloody thing? Well you may ask. An authentication code is a unique number associated with a specific game, kingdom, and turn number. It is used as a kind of electronic signature to verify that e-mail orders are coming from someone who actually has a copy of the turn in their possession. You will find you authentication code at the top of your turnsheet (the sheet you would send in if you were snail mailing your orders). It is an eleven digit number found directly under your game number, turn number, and date due. You must type this number exactly right! If you make a typo on your authentication code, the program that processes the turns will not recognize it and will notify you that your code is missing. If you have time, you can, of course, resend your orders with the corrected authentication code.

You will get two separate messages regarding your turn. The first is a computer generated message simply acknowledging reciept of your turn. You will later also receive a message listing all the orders we received from you. If your orders are incomplete, or if you wish to amend your orders, your can resend your orders. If you do have occasion to resend corrected orders, you must resend all of your orders.

  1. Send your turn to . Please don't send it to any other address.

  2. It is best to submit your orders a few days early. Email turn entry is not yet automated, so if you send your orders at the last minute, you may miss the turn.
    BE WARNED! If you don't get confirmation within 24 hours, please e-mail our Customer Service department to let us know there's a problem and resend your turn. We will always send you a confirmation when we've received your turn, so if you get no confirmation, make sure you resend it!

  3. If you submit changes to previously submitted orders, please list your changes at the top of your email. This makes it much less error-prone if the first turn has already been input.

  4. Make sure you include the following on the top of each e-mail:
              Your name,
              Your account number,
              Your authentication code,
              Your game number and kingdom name (e.g., "Vendhya, HW 603"),
                -- and --
              Your e-mail address (in case there are problems).

  5. Type in your commands in the order they appear on the turnsheet. Please!

  6. Do not skip any characters if they are listed in the character command section, even if you intend to give them no order (if you do, it is difficult to input). E-mail your turn as if you would be phoning it in. If they aren't listed in the character command section, however (if they are in set piece battle or are dead), please do not add them.

  7. Same goes for armies: Do not skip any armies if they are listed in the army command section, even if you intend to give them no orders. But again, if they are not listed (if they are in set piece battle or are inactive), do not add them.

  8. If you intend to cancel a raid or invasion order, write something like this "Raid #1 on Province 11: Cancel." Don't just skip it or the computer (when we do get this automated) will get confused. And it helps keep the humans from being confused, too.

  9. Use spaces rather than tabs to move across the page. (This makes it print better.)

  10. Send in Plain Text! Also, use only ASCII characters. Make sure your email program sends your email in Text mode, not HTML-encoded or Rich Text. In many mailers this means that you have to set the recipient to receive mail in plain text (text/plain) and US-ASCII (NOT ISO-8859-1 or other weird character sets). If you don't do this, we may not be able to read your orders, and thus would not be able to enter them.

  11. Do not attach a file. All emails to the email system are stripped of all binary content. This often destroys or garbles any attachments, so please don't attach turns in any sort of format (.DOC, .DOCX, .PDF, .RTF, .JPG, etc.). We cannot print or view these documents for turn entry. You must copy your orders into the body of the email instead of attaching a file.

  12. Be sure to type everything correctly. We're good, but we're not psychic!

  13. See the example below.

Good luck in the game! -- RSI

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Sample Hyborian War Email Turn

Orders for Shem in HW 123, turn 58 Authentication: 75083971097 Name: Joe Bob Higgledorf Account: 43678 I command: SHEM-CHA Actively Rule SHEM-ADJ Counterspy Court SHEM-1 Actively Rule SHEM-3 (no orders--stay with army) SHEM-4 Protect Province 138 SHEM-5 Join PA-136 SHEM-7 Adventure SHEM-8 (no orders--stay with army) SHEM-9 Actively Rule SHEM-10 Far Sight 141 SHEM-12 Bless 140 Armies: IA-1 (no orders) IA-3 move to province 74 IA-4 (no orders) Troops: 1-5 Join IA-3 6-13 Join PA-193 Rest Join IA-5 Address Requests: TURA HYPE Set Ransom for Jodpuras Ninus: Superior I declare: SHEM-9 Rule Province 136 Good Ransom Shem-9 100 Troops type 2 Raised 10 Troops type 1 Raised Shem-9 Move to Province 136 Intent to Invade 32 Intent to Invade 125 Force March Spell for AQUI-4 Intent to Ally AQUI Province Defense Orders For Grasslands of Amazonia (Province #357) Ambush Preferred Terrain: OP Battle selection: Set Piece Province Defense Orders For Keshian Jungle (Province #76) Hidden Movement Preferred Terrain: FO Battle selection: Commanders Descretion Raid Orders for Raid #1 on Khemi (Province #142) Province Dispersal Army: PA-136 Commander: SHEM-4 Raid Orders for Raid #2 on Luxur (Province #141) Trade Routes Dispersal Army: PA-13 Commander: none Raid Orders for Raid #3 on Luxur (Province #141) Cancel Raid Raid Orders for Raid #4 on Khemi (Province #142) Province Dispersal Army: PA-137 Commander: none Invasion Orders for Invasion #1 into Eastern Amazonia (Province #358) Commander: SHEM-8 Armies: IA-1 IA-4 Battle type: Set Piece Preferred terrain: OP Patrols: none Invasion Orders for Invasion #2 into Savannah (Province #353) Cancel Battle Orders For Battle #1 in Xachotl (Province #354) [ 10 ] [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 13 ] [ 11 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 15 ] [ 17 ] [ 18 ] [ 14 ] [ 12 ] [ 21 ] [ 22 ] [ 23 ] [ 24 ] [ 25 ] [ 26 ] [ 27 ] [ 28 ] [ 29 ] [ 30 ] [ 31 ] [ 32 ] [ 33 ] [ 34 ] [ 35 ] [ - ] [ 37 ] [ 36 ] [ 19 ] [ 16 ] [ 20 ] [ 38 ] [ - ] [ - ] [ - ] [ - ] [ - ] [ - ] [ - ] [ - ] [ - ] Disengage and advance: Left Flank & Right Flank When: Closing Assign SHEM-11 to troop 13 SHEM-2 to troop 10 SHEM-6 to troop 13 Army commander: 1 Archery commander: - Cavalry commander: 1 Right flank commander: 3 Left flank commander: 2 SHEM-2 casts Firewall SHEM-11 casts Missile Shield, Phantom Warriors Loss acceptance: Total Loss

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