Each turn you will receive your Kingdom Report and a Command Sheet for issuing orders for the next turn. Your name, account number, the name of your kingdom, the game number, and the turn number of your game will appear at the top of each Command Sheet. Once you have decided upon what actions you wish to perform for the turn, fill out and sign the turn sheet, then return it to us for processing. We will use your and other turn sheets to determine the turn results.

There are two types of orders used in the game. These are commands and declarations. Only one command may be issued per turn for each troop, character or army. Declarations are additional instructions, several of which may be given each turn to any one of the above. However, no more than one of each type of declaration may be issued for each character, army etc. For instance, while you may only command a powerful wizard to cast one spell per turn, you may also declare that he move to a safer location and declare him the ruler of a province.

On the turn sheet, a command line will be provided for each troop, character or army that you may command. The command line will include for you the names of those you command; you simply fill in which command you want for each of them. After that, several lines will be provided for declarations. Unlike commands, where only one is issued for each recipient each turn, there may be some turns where you will run out of room for all the declarations you wish to make. Simply list the additional declarations (neatly, please) on a separate sheet of paper and include it with your Command Sheet. If such lists cannot be read, or are not written in the same format as Command Sheet declarations, there is no guarantee they will be processed with your other orders.

Characters and armies involved in set piece battle may not be issued a command order. All commands for characters or armies in set piece battle are issued on the battle orders form. Characters who are imprisoned may be issued orders. If the character is ransomed, or rescued that turn, the character will carry out your orders for that turn.

Hyboria can be a deadly place and characters assigned to dangerous missions who are lacking in ability will almost certainly suffer either death or capture. Dangerous missions are Adventure, Kidnapping, Assassination, Spying, Foment Unrest, Dispel Magic, and Rescue. It is not a good idea to send your wizard who has Superior magic but Poor personal combat and Poor heroism adventuring. Only one form of spying is non-dangerous and that is world spying. On all other types of spying missions your characters will definitely be risking life and limb!

On the other hand, realize that each of your characters is an important resource to be used to the best advantage of your kingdom. You should command ALL of your characters to do something every turn except for those characters who are stationed with an army. (If a character is assigned to an army and you wish that character to remain on assignment with that army, you should just leave that character's command line blank). You are not required to give any of your characters a command i.e. fill in that character's command line, however, it is usually in your best interest to do so.

Often you will see what we call "order prompts" on your command sheet. These are order lines halfway filled out for declarations that the computer thinks that you may which to issue. The order prompt is meant as a convenient reminder only. If, for example, you do not wish to move one of your active imperial armies on a given turn then you may simply leave the movement order prompt for that army blank.

Remember to make sure and use the exact format for whatever orders you are trying to issue when filling out your command sheet. The exact format for most orders can be found in the Order Codes section of the Hyborian War Rules. Check all your orders against this list before sending in your command sheet to be processed. Although we will do our best to process all your orders, if you leave a critical piece of information off of your turn sheet, the province number, the ID number of a character, etc., it may not be possible for us to process one of your orders. A little extra care on this point can go along way to making sure that your commands are always processed smoothly and as you desired. You may write out your orders in full, or use the abbrieviations from the Order Codes chart. All character and province identification numbers, however, must be written out completely in the appropriate box. Examples of orders in these rules will be given in the following format:

ALL CAPITALS = Pre-printed portion of the order.

(IN PARENTHESES, CAPITAL LETTER) = This is the first letter of the command, which you write inside the box. Since we only use the first letter, you need only fill that much out, unless you prefer writing the entire word.

(character ID) = fill in the identification number of the character who is either doing the action or is the target of the action.

(XYZ) = fill in the MAP NUMBER of the province that is targeted by the action.

(Army ID) = fill in the identification number of the army which is targeted by the action.

(Kingdom abrv) = fill in the abbreviation for the KINGDOM which is targeted by the action.

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