Assign Character to Army: You may assign any of your characters to duty with any of your armies. A character assigned to an army will stay with that army wherever it moves to (even on the same turn the character is assigned) and fight in any battles the army becomes involved in until the character is given a different task. However, you will not be able to reassign a character on any turn in which his army is about to fight in a set piece battle. Remember, if you give a character in an army ANY OTHER COMMAND ORDER they will leave the army to carry out that command and will need to be reassigned to the army on the following turn. Example:


Assign Troop to Army: All new troops that you train and outfit will be mustered at your capital province to await assignment to an army. For each such troop unit that you form, a command order line will be automatically printed out on your command sheet with the name of the newly formed troop. You may assign new troops to any of your imperial or provincial armies you wish. Note that a troop must have a clear path of friendly provinces between it and the army you assign it to, in order to get to that army. Land troops may not move over seazones in order to reach their army assignment nor may naval troops move over land provinces in order to reach the navy they have been assigned to. Note also that a troop assigned to an army about to engage in battle may arrive at the battle field too late to participate in the engagement.

Whenever new troops are raised they are listed at the capital province on the turn following the one on which they were ordered. In the case of naval troops they show up in the province where the imperial harbor is located. At the capital province or harbor, troops await assignment to a provincial or imperial army (or navy in the case of naval troops). Any troop not assigned on the turn after it is raised automatically becomes a part of the provincial army in the capital. Remember that under ordinary circumstances, only 30 troops may be assigned to any army. Example:


Move Army: Since most orders for armies are issued with special battle orders and raid order forms on the turn sheet "Move Army" is the only time you will issue a command order to an army. provincial armies and defensive imperial armies do not even have pre-printed command lines on the command sheet since they may not be moved. Active imperial armies may be moved on any turn in which they are not in battle or beginning strategic movement. They may move through as many provinces as the movement rating of their slowest troop type. On the peace years, an active imperial army may move up to twelve provinces.

An imperial army may not move if it is engaged in a set piece battle or a raid, or if it is on defensive status. A clear path of friendly provinces must exist between an army and its destination in order for it to move. Active imperial armies may move freely through provinces controlled by a formal ally. There are a few special cases, however.

The Ice Demon glacier prohibits army movement from Virunian (province 22) to The Eiglophian Mountains (province 308) and Njal's Lands (province 18) as well as visa versa. Lake Zuad and its tributaries prohibits all army movement between the Zuads Tribes Region (province 109) and Ghanatan (province 44). A barrier laid by the Wizard Thoth-Amon prohibits army movement from Sabeaa (province 66) to the Land of No Return (province 365). Example:

I COMMAND THE FIRST ARMY TO (M)ove to (P)rovince (XYZ)
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