You will never need to write an order on your command sheet for personal combat magic. All characters with magic of this type will automatically use it when involved in personal combat with another character, monster, etc. Note that personal combat magic is an aid above and beyond a character's natural personal combat ability rating.

Arcane Blasts - With a flick of the hand, the holder of this spell can unleash a blast of power upon a foe!

Magic Armor - Magic Armor provides the character with special defenses in hand to hand combat, making him more difficult to strike.

Magic Weapon - The wielder of a magic weapon can be a deadly opponent in personal combat situations. A magic weapon may be any type of weapon, sword, axe etc.

Mesmerism - The gleaming eyes of a character with this spell may temporarily mesmerize a foe, leaving him helpless. Mesmerism can be a powerful tool in combat and especially useful to agents.

The Open Hand - Knowledge of this spell signifies membership in the dread Open Hand Society. A master of the Open Hand of power can break down strong doors and kill instantly.

Strength - This spell allows a character to draw upon energy resources in the realm of magic to provide him with unusual strength for short periods of time. It is useful in combat and in other situations where extra strength can help.

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