The Hyborian Age is an age of Heroism when a strong warrior with little more than a sword and his courage may travel the world over in search of glory, adventure and treasure. Although no greater hero exists in the world than the grim-faced slayer Conan the Barbarian, there are many heroes of the Hyborian Age who follow the often bloody path of fortune-seeking, ever willing to take on missions worthy of their calling. Heroic missions are those character actions which bring to life this aspect of the Hyborian Age. The entire world of Hyboria awaits them.

All Heroic Missions are ordered by using the command line for the character that you wish to assign to the mission. Heroic missions are, need we say, a specialty of all Heroes.

Adventure: Any character may set forth to adventure across the face of the Hyborian world. This includes characters who are province Rulers or Monarchs. All HEROES are imbued with wanderlust and a love of adventure so strong that they have a disturbing tendancy to go adventuring regardless of what you assign them to do. Adventuring can be dangerous and will undoubtedly lead to many life-and-death situations for the adventuring character. The rewards can also be great, both in terms of wealth for the Kingdom and in experience (increased ability) for the character. As in the Conan stories, just about anything can happen on an adventure! Example:


Attempt Rescue: Was one of your characters captured or kidnapped by a foreign Kingdom? It may be time to call in one of your HEROES. You may order any of your characters to attempt to rescue any one of your characters who is in the grasp of a foreign power. Certainly blood will be spilled, but if the rescuer is successful there will be no need to pay a ransom and you will have shown clearly the ineptness of your character's former captors! A character may attempt to recue himself if he has been captured. Example:

I COMMAND KARTH STRONGBLADE TO (P)rovince (XYZ) to (R)escue (character ID)

Protection Duty: Powerful individuals the world over often have need of protectors. Hyboria can be a dangerous place to live, especially with all the would-be assassins and kidnappers who seem to infest every dark corner awaiting an opportune moment to make a name for themselves. You may assign any of your characters to protection duty in one of your provinces. A character so assigned will try to protect all of your other characters in that province from any kind of harm. Protecting your capitol province provides extra security against those annoying heroes who try to rescue your prisoners. You CANNOT protect your court or the kingdom as a whole, only individual provinces. Example:

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