Intrigue orders are for those character actions concerned with the secret and less "official" means of dealing with other kingdoms. If you find your dreams of conquest are not being fulfilled merely by the sending invasion forces into other kingdoms, these orders can give you the extra edge you may need. Any character can be assigned to tasks of intrigue, but your agents are generally best suited for this type of activity. Spies are the eyes and ears of your kingdom. You may assign any of your characters to duty in either a world, kingdom, provincial, or court spying network. With kingdom and provincial spying, a character must be assigned to ferret out specific sorts of information. In a world or court spy network, your characters will simply provide you with information as it comes to them. At the end of that turn you will receive a report of the information gathered. Remember that all commands cover only one turn. To keep a spy spying, so to speak, you would have to issue that command for him each turn.

Spy Kingdom: Within a kingdom spy network, a character may be commanded to seek out information about either the royal treasury or military strength of another kingdom. Example:

I COMMAND KUES TRALS TO (S)py (K)ingdom, (M)ilitary of (Kingdom abrv)

I COMMAND KUES TRALS TO (S)py (K)ingdom, (T)reasury of (Kingdom abrv)

Spy Province: Within a provincial spy network, your character may be used to study and report on the terrain of a given province, or to evaluate the military forces that are there. Example:



World Spy: World spying can bring you a wealth of information. Through it you may learn of virtually everything taking place in Hyboria. While some of the information your world spying may bring in may not be useful directly to you, it may be worth something to others, and they may be willing to pay for it. Example:


Court Spying: Since each kingdom's court is little more than the sum of its characters, court spying will bring information about specific characters in other kingdoms. Knowing how capable your characters are is important, but knowing the capabilities of other players' characters may be equally important. Disciples of Sun Tzu, take heed! Example:

I COMMAND KUES TRALS TO (S)py (C)ourt of (Kingdom abrv)

Counter-spy: Counter-spies are the guardians of your Kingdom's most important secrets and intentions. It is the job of a counter-spy to use both intrigue and combat ability to keep spies from other kingdoms from doing their jobs. You may assign any character to counter-spy for your kingdom at large, any province under you control, or the royal court itself. These areas of counter-spying are designed to protect against enemy spying in the same area. There is no protection against world spying. After all, who can stop the winds that carry the whisper of a caravan trader to the ear of a travelling stranger in a dark cloak? Although counter-spies will guard most closely the area they are assigned to, it is possible that a counter spy for a province may uncover a character sent on a kingdom or court spying mission, and so on. Examples:

I COMMAND KUES TRALS TO (C)ounterspy the (K)ingdom

I COMMAND KUES TRALS TO (C)ounterspy (P)rovince (XYZ)

I COMMAND KUES TRALS TO (C)ounterspy the (C)ourt

Assassination: Have you considered that those infidels on your borders might be slower to invade you if a certain powerful wizard did not ride with them? An assassin might be just what you need. You may command any of your characters to attempt to assassinate any other character in the world. Naturally, however, your assassin will need to know the identity and whereabouts of his intended victim so some court spying may be a necessary prelude to the mission. Assassination orders are not allowed on turn one for reasons of game integrity. Example:

I COMMAND KUES TRALS TO (P)rovince (XYZ) to (A)ssassinate (character ID)

Kidnapping: A popular means of garnering wealth to fill the coffers of the royal treasury is through kidnapping. A kidnapped character may later be ransomed back to the kingdom he was taken from or simply be held to languish in your imperial dungeons. You may command any of your characters to attempt to kidnap any other character in the world, so long as you know the location and identity of your target. Kidnapping orders are not allowed on turn 1 for reasons of game integrity. Example:

I COMMAND KUES TRALS TO (P)rovince (XYZ) to (K)idnap (character ID)

Foment Unrest: One of the more subtle means of harming a neighboring kingdom while maintaining an outward appearance of friendly relations is through political subversion--specifically by attempting to foment unrest in one of a foreign kingdom's provinces. Unrest in a province can decrease its productivity, reduce its loyalty, and possibly cause its population to rebel against the kingdom which controls it. You may command any of your characters to attempt to foment unrest in any province in the world. The character you assign will attempt to keep his activities as secret as possible. Example:

I COMMAND KUES TRALS TO (F)oment (U)nrest in (XYZ)
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