Despite the continual war which rages across the face of Hyboria, the world is not without diplomacy. Diplomatic missions are concerned with preventing or breaking off war, or allying with another kingdom in preparation for a war. A good diplomat can be as useful as any army, as he may be able to turn aside the blades of your enemies before they cross your borders. All major forms of diplomacy can be performed by your characters within the context of the game itself, thus freeing you from any necessity to engage in outside "player-to-player" diplomacy.

Negotiate Peace: You may command any of your characters to act as emissaries between your kingdom and another kingdom to negotiate a peace treaty. If your character is successful, the kingdom that you send him to will sign a peace treaty forbidding an invasion of your kingdom. Such peace treaties last until the next peace years turn, after which all peace treaties expire. Nothing prevents your kingdom from invading a kingdom which has signed a treaty with you, though that effectively breaks the treaty. It is much more difficult to negotiate a peace treaty with a kingdom that already has an invasion force in one or more of your provinces. Note that peace treaties do not affect seazones. Example:

I COMMAND TERSAL REYUS TO (N)egotiate (P)eace with (Kingdom abrv)

Break Foreign Alliance: It is possible for a character using diplomacy to break a Formal Alliance between two outside Kingdoms. You may command any of your characters to spread lies and rumors between the two allied Kingdoms in an effort to disrupt their alliance. Even very good diplomats and Agents will find it very difficult to break up a foreign alliance. Example:

I COMMAND TERSAL REYUS TO (B)reak the (A)lliance between (Kingdom abrv) and (Kingdom abrv)

Disrupt War Pact: If more than one kingdom invades provinces under your control, they are automatically considered to be in a WARPACT. For purposes of the "Disrupt Warpact" command, all armies invading the same kingdom on the same turn are considered to be in a WARPACT. You may command any of your characters to attempt to disrupt relations between the separate members of the WARPACT, causing one or more of the invading kingdoms to recall its armies and return to its own land. A character may achieve this by using diplomacy and intrigue to play the suspicions and fears of the various kingdoms against one another. Example:

I COMMAND TERSAL REYUS TO (D)isrupt the (W)arpact.  

Avoid Diplomatic Influence: You may command any of your characters to direct his attention towards avoiding diplomatic attempts from a specific foreign kingdom. Your character may do a variety of things, including stirring up local opinion against that kingdom and rebuffing emissaries and diplomatic delegations. Avoiding diplomatic influence is not as easy as it may appear. However, it is long-lasting once successfuly achieved (i.e. your subjects will develop and maintain a distaste for the silver-tongued diplomats of a foreign kingdom). On any turn following this command you will receive a report on how well your character did. Your level of success in avoiding the diplomatic influence of another kingdom will provide immunity against all future attempts from that kingdom until the next peace years turn. On the next peace years turn, your level of avoidance will return to its original level. Example:

I COMMAND TERSAL REYUS TO (A)void the (I)nfluence of (Kingdom abrv)
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