While there are only 36 player kingdoms in the game of Hyborian War, the world of Hyboria is divided into a total of 87 areas. Of these, 70 have national integrity, which means the area in question is in some way cohesive and bound together by a feeling of unity between the populations inhabiting those areas. A simple example of this is that the province of Tarantia (#1) has national integrity for the kingdom of Aquilonia. Areas which are unified by a feeling of national integrity can be considered kingdoms; thus, in addition to the 36 player kingdoms in the game, there are 34 non-player kingdoms which are controlled by the game computer. A group of 17 areas which have no national integrity are called non-unified areas and complete the total (See The Kingdoms of Hyboria chart).

The importance of national integrity comes into play with the subject of GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE and REBELLION. Provinces and seazones which you conquer may rebel against your rule and raise rebel armies against you. In general rebellions occur throughout a region unified by national integrity. If all of a kingdom's provinces have been conquered, that kingdom is considered to be a government in exile. Only the computer can run an exiled kingdom. A government in exile will always have one army of militia and rebels, along with any remaining characters. It will attempt to established a new home province in either 1) any province which that kingdom has controlled at any point in the game for at least one turn, or 2) any province controlled by a formal ally.

If at any time the forces of a government in exile manage to reconquer one of their original provinces, there is a good chance that a general uprising will occur across the entire area of national integrity originally owned by that kingdom, in favor of the exiled government. While rebel troops are not the best in the world (mostly peasants) they are fanatically loyal.

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