Your characters may be commanded with any of the orders listed in the rules during both peace years and war seasons with the following exception. The spells "Prophecy" and "Longlife" may only be cast during a peace years turn. The effects of various actions may be dramatically increased during peace years, due to the difference in time scale for the two types of turns. For example, a "Bless" spell cast during peace years may have a much greater effect than one cast during war seasons.

On a peace years turn all invasion preparations are automatically brought to a halt by the computer. This means that all existing intents to invade are scrapped, although they may immediately be re-declared during the peace years turn since the turn following will again be a war season. On a peace years turn all forces engaging in strategic movement or about to engage in set-piece battle are returned to friendly provinces.

Remember that all existing peace treaties with other kingdoms are nullified when the peace years begin. Each kingdom's ability to avoid the diplomatic influence of all other kingdoms returns to its original starting value on a peace years turn. The combination of these two factors generally make peace years turns a time of great diplomatic activity as each kingdom seeks to negotiate new peace treaties or conversely, build up diplomatic immunity against the kingdoms they are planning to invade.

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